Letter from the President

July 2019

Dear East Kessler Park,

Lots of stuff happening in and around our neighborhood. We have a new board and I would like to introduce you to our dedicated volunteers.

Ellen Parrill - Vice President

Charlie Haley - Secretary

Marianne Morris - Treasurer

Chris Hendrix - Communications/Membership

Vince Fall - Community Liaison

Kellie Lawson & Amber Patteson - Beautification

Steve Springfield - Heritage Oak Cliff Representative

We are seeking one more “brave soul” for the board to oversee Safety and Code. If you would like to be that person, please drop me a note. We are a can do board and will be working on a lot of new projects in the upcoming year.

With that said, let me update everyone on some of the goings on.

The Buffer

On June 28th , attorneys for all sides presented their positions to the judge regarding irregularities at Dallas City Council back in February. As you may know, the neighborhood is not against the proposed fitness center proposed by Methodist Hospital, we are just asking that they consider a different location than currently proposed. The Buffer has served us well for the past 46 years and we hope that cooperation continues with Methodist.

Relevant Information on this topic below:

YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yfh3boJ4hog

Online petition:   https://www.change.org/p/dallas-city-council-tell-city-hall-no-more-raw-dealings-7d21ea1e-036c-412d-8a04-a1e41fe36bec  

Website:  https://savethebuffer.org/

Coombs Creek Trailhead Erosion

The city is working on a plan to correct the erosion problem at our trailhead. As I understand, the idea is to extend the 6’ culvert all the way to Coombs Creek. This culvert will be covered over with soil to create additional park space. Seems like a good plan although it is still being considered.  See updates on the website as they become available.  

Fall Thing

Can you believe this will be our 10th year of the Fall Thing?? This is our big membership and fund-raising event for EKPNA. It is slated to take place on:

  • Saturday September 28th
  • 940 Kessler Pkwy. 
The Stratoblasters with Jim Wallace and Jerry Don Branch and the Over the River Band with Floramay Holliday will be performing. My lovely wife is again pulling together the event with other critical volunteers. If you would like to volunteer or donate items for the silent auction please contact

Louise at lherfel@gmail.com


Getting the word out is so important to stay update on the goings on in the neighborhood. Chris Hendrix is working hard to keep it updated with pertinent topics like a weekly crime report, a calendar with upcoming events, etc. Please go take a look at this valuable resource.

HOC Award

EKPNA was fortunate to be awarded a grant to purchase safety vests with the EKPNA logo for walkers in the neighborhood. Speeding is a chronic problem and this will give our residents a fighting chance when out on the road day and night. We will be giving out one vest per household at the Fall Thing to those members in good standing with EKPNA. Additional vests will be available for purchase at cost.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

Please don’t hesitate to drop me line with comments, concerns, suggestions, etc.


Tim Herfel

EKPNA President




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