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Happy New Year!

ALERT City Council Meeting for Methodist Zoning Request has been rescheduled to February 13

The City Council Meeting to vote on Methodist’s requested rezoning of the land along Greenbriar has been rescheduled to February 13. This is a delay of one month – January 9 to February 13. Please mark your calendars to attend this important meeting. Details on time and location will be communicated when they are confirmed. 


Much of the feedback from the neighborhood is in support of a Methodist wellness center in an alternate location. Multiple alternative locations have been proposed to Methodist that best support land use objectives for a greener, more sustainable neighborhood. 


Why is the wellness center supported in an alternative location? 


To answer that you must consider ‘what is an appropriate land use’ for the Pecan Grove. There are two key things that help determine the appropriate land use and they are (1) history of the site and (2) current zoning trends for the surrounding area. 

  1. History. The hospital land was gifted to Methodist and the Pecan Grove has been greenspace for decades. There has been a symbiotic relationship between the hospital and the neighborhood supporting the need to buffer the East Kessler neighborhood from higher traffic uses that come from operating a hospital. The need for that buffer still remains today. 
  2. Current zoning trends. Oak Cliff Gateway rezoning was worked on by all the areas stakeholders for 10 years.  OC Gateway rezoning approved in Article XIII Form Code clearly states Its purposes in Sec. 51A-13.101. 

PURPOSE (b) This article is intended to create walkable urban neighborhoods where higher density mixed uses and mixed housing-types promote less dependence on the automobile. (c) These areas are intended to transition successfully to existing neighborhoods through the judicious mapping of permitted districts.


The Oak Cliff Gateway rezoning considered the following trends: 

  • Moving from suburban to urban style development with higher densities clustered together
  • Buildings constructed closer to the street
  • Parking behind buildings not visible from the street
  • No side yard setbacks and minimum front yard setbacks that pushes infrastructure up to a sidewalk
  • Emphasis on urban form and moving away from the areas dated suburban forms
  • Envision complete streets with dedicated bike lanes, public transportation, parallel parking, street canopy trees, full sized 10’ sidewalks that facilitate street activating uses like retail, coffee shop, etc.
  • Urban form and complete streets are most important along the areas most traveled arterial thoroughfares, i.e. Beckley, Colorado, Zang


Consequently, the Wellness Center building site proposal is:

  • Not in keeping with the communities’ desire to intelligently preserve its green spaces as the area is being built out with higher density for a suburban style development where the building turns itself away from the street, faces a parking lot that is also visible from the street, large setback, no other buildings near it 

Supporting this when it is not in keeping with what our neighborhood has advocated for over the course of 15 years via OC Gateway Rezoning and numerous other initiatives. 


What can you do between now and February 13? 


Send a letter to Mayor Rawlings and Dallas City Council Members expressing your opinion on the zoning modification request coming before City Council in February. Feel free to use the bullets above. Letters can be sent to either Mayor Mike Rawlings or Councilman Scott Griggs at:

Mayor Mike Rawlings

1500 Marilla St

Suite 5EN

Dallas, TX 75201

Scott Griggs

1500 Marilla St

Suite 5NF

Dallas, TX 75201

Methodist has asked all of their employees to submit a letter to Mayor Rawlings in support of the zoning request to build the Folsom Wellness Center in the proposed location disrupting the current greenspace. 

Finally, if you live within 200 ft. or 500 ft. of the property and have already completed and notarized your form in opposition or support, there is NO need to re-submit your forms. You have likely received another blue form as a result of the council meeting postponement, and you do NOT need to reply. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pat Melly, EKPNA Community Affairs Chair, at 214-883-2929. 

What can you do on February 13? 

Show up for the council meeting so that the Mayor and Council know that this issue is important to the neighborhood. The community affairs committee will work with the neighbors to ensure that all talking points are covered in the allotted time. If you have a specific point that you want included, please share that with Pat Melly. If you attended the Planning Commission meeting, the allotted time is handled differently at the council meeting.


Holiday Light Winner

The holiday light displays in the neighborhood were fantastic! The festive cheer and beautifully lit displays were a welcome beacon during the holiday season. This year’s holiday light competition winners are: 

Best Classic

Josh & Lynsey Skoch

1616 Rio Vista Dr

Best Thematic

Payam Panbechi

1420 Kessler Parkway

Best Inflatable

Laura Sanchez

1522 Cedar Hill

Best Trees

Larry Efird

1536 Oak Knoll

Grand Champion

Martha and Jim King

1307 Eastus Dr.


Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to the next holiday season!


Happy New Year from the EKPNA Board

The EKPNA Board wishes you and yours a very happy New Year! We have a lot of exciting things planned in 2019 – new neighbor meet and greet, neighborhood beautification, curb painting and community activities. We will be asking for your ideas and input.  If you would like to volunteer for any of these activities, please feel free to contact any of our board members. We look forward to talking to all of our neighbors in 2019.


President – Rob Castro

Vice President – Karen Gough

Secretary – Ahbie Morris

Treasurer – Lisa Bailey

Beautification – Rene Gracia

Communications – Tyler Childs

Community Affairs – Pat Melly

Safety – Hope White

Heritage Oak Cliff Rep – Steve Springfield

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