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Welcome to East Kessler Park 

Unique architectural beauty • Plentiful green spaces • Community pride

East Kessler Park Neighborhood, one of the oldest in the city, was organized in 1950. Its borders are Sylvan Avenue, North Beckley Avenue, West Colorado Boulevard and Tom Landry Freeway. Methodist Medical Center, which was built in 1927 on land donated by the Stemmons family, anchors the southeast corner of the neighborhood.  East Kessler Park boasts some of  the largest and most eclectic yards in the area, the most architecturally significant grouping of homes in Dallas, an abundance of green space, mature trees, hilly topography, and overall calming beauty, Residents of East Kessler Park savor the quiet seclusion, bountiful trees, meandering creeks, and small wildlife, which provides an escape from the city within the city.

The Neighborhood

Calling 911

Anything that seems slightly “out-of-place” or is occurring at an unusual time could be criminal activity.

Not every stranger who comes into the area is a criminal by any means. There are many door-to door salesman, repairman, and service men moving around the neighborhood all the time. Criminals sometimes take advantage by pretending to be legitimate workmen.

Call the police immediately about suspicious activity. Don’t worry about bothering them or about being embarrassed if your suspicious prove to be unfounded. Instead think about what might happen if you don’t act.

The police department would rather investigate than be called when it’s too late. You call could stop a criminal act. Also call the voice mail number so that we can make all the neighbors aware of any suspicious activity. Be alert and thanks for calling.

All crimes should be reported to 911, no matter how minor the crime may seem. A police officer may not be dispatched for a minor crime, but it is important to report it. Police resources are allocated in part based on the number of crimes reported in a given area.

If you should see or hear anything that looks “out-of” place don’t hesitate to call 911. Your actions could help to prevent a crime. 

Trust your instincts. Concerned and alert neighbors CAN make a difference!

Have this information ready when calling 911:

  • Your name and location
  • Whether the crime or suspicious activity is still in progress.
  • The location, which should include the address, because police response can be delayed if the officers are trying to determine which house, is “across the street from yours” for example.
  • As complete a description as possible of the suspects.
  • A description of the vehicle and license number if you can see it.

The 911 operator may not want all these details at the time of your call; but while you are waiting for the police, jot down any additional information you have so you won’t forget to tell the officer when he arrives.

Never try to investigate suspicious activity yourself and don’t hesitate to call just because you do not have all the preceding details. Don’t worry that your concern is not important enough to bother the police. It could very well be important.

Crime Watch 

If you hear Fireworks or gunshots call 911 immediately.  The police are not notified by posts on NextDoor.  

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